It is very good to take baby pictures of our angels because we may never know that our baby might become a famous celebrity, a brilliant scientist or a ramp model. We may never know the future but it is always better to be prepared, keeping your baby pictures is a luxury that we ought to have. This picture will serve as a reminder that we love our babies with all our hearts, when they grow up they will see what beautiful parents they have.

Don’t you wish your babies will grow up to be someone as famous as Bill Gates or Singer Justin Bieber ?

Jacqueline Bouvier baby photos of famous peopleJacqueline Bouvier was the wife John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States

Beyonce Knowles baby photos of famous peopleBeyonce Knowles the performer of “Listen” in Munich(Germany)

Ann Miller Argentinean baby photos of famous peopleAnn Miller Argentinean

Antonio Barona Rojas baby photos of famous peopleAntonio Barona Rojas

Bette Davis baby photos of famous peopleBette Davis, An Amercian film actress who won Academy Award twice

Bobby Darin baby photos of famous peopleBobby Darin, An Amercian Film actor, Singer, Song writer. He won Golden Globe in 1962

Dean Stockwell baby photos of famous peopleDean Stockwell an Amercian actor who acted in films from childhood to old age

Elton John Bernie Taupin baby photos of famous peopleElton John and Bernie Taupin are well known English lyricists, poets, and singers

Ernest Hemingway baby photos of famous peopleErnest Hemingway was a famous American Author

Freddie Bartholomew baby photos of famous peopleFrederick Cecil Bartholomew is a Irish-born british actor

Lance Kerwin baby photos of famous peopleLance Kerwin was a child actor in “The Loneliest Runner” a television film

Loretta Young baby photos of famous peopleLoretta Young was an Amercian Film actress and Academy Award winner

Margaret O Brien baby photos of famous peopleA movie star Margaret O Brien

Paul McCartney and George Harrison baby photos of famous peoplePaul McCartney and George Harrison are famous English musicians, singers, songwriters, and composers.

Paul McCartney baby photos of famous peopleSir James Paul McCartney is a well-known British composer, producer and musician

Zelda Sayre baby photos of famous peopleZelda Sayre Fitzgerald was a wife of American author for short stories and novels

Billy Mumy Alfred Hitchcock baby photos of famous peopleBilly Mumy American child actor in Alfred Hitchcock Presents promotion of NBC television series

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Caroline President John F. Kennedy daughter - baby photos of famous peopleCaroline, Daughter of 35th Amercian president | Photo by thesmuggler

baby photos of famous peoplePhoto by Dina Kosasih

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